Catalysis Forum 2017: Fossil-free energy future?

International experts are discussing the potential of electrocatalysis in solving the global energy challenge. At the Topsoe Catalysis Forum 2017, senior scientists from around the globe will review state-of-the-art knowledge and discuss future trends and opportunities within electrochemistry applied in energy conversion, energy storage, and synthesis of value-added chemicals as well as novel materials.

Dust protection

Dust protection gives you twice the operating time between screenings, less shutdowns, and blower energy savings.

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Developing the next-generation catalytic ceramic filters

What does it take to develop a state-of-the-art catalytic ceramic filter? Watch as Francesco Castellino, RD Director at our Air Pollution Control...

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Annual ceremony for Topsoe PhD scholarship winners in Moscow

On May 15, 2017, Topsoe PhD scholarship winners gathered to celebrate together with Topsoe employees, customers, hoored guests, and academic...

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Topsoe Innovation Challenge - Åbn døren til din fremtid

Er du supersej til kemi og fysik? Og er du klar på en spændende udfordring? Så se videoen om hvad Topsoe Innovation Challenge er, og hvordan du...

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New research shows how to ‘tune’ methanol catalysts

Get a fast introduction to a groundbreaking Topsoe research on more effective methanol catalysts from Senior Researcher Jens Sehested, one of the...

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Are you ready for MARPOL?

Refinery Optimization. The shipping and refinery business is facing a new reality.

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