Webinar: More Value From Alkylation Using Two Innovative Processes

CB&I CDAlky with Topsoe WSA acid regeneration offers a high product quality at low investment
Sulfuric acid catalyzed alkylation is a widespread technology for utilizing low molecular weight hydrocarbons, but no technological break-through has occurred for several decades. Nowadays oil refiners are looking for improving the economy of their processes without compromising safety and product quality.

The novel CDAlky process of CB&I in combination with the Topsoe WSA process for spent acid regeneration offers new features to obtain a better economy of the alkylation operations.

• Low temperature alkylation results in better alkylate quality and lower acid consumption.
• Alkylation reactors without rotating parts mean lower power consumption and less maintenance.
• Wet gas regeneration process avoids production of liquid waste and gives a better energy economy.
• Both processes operate with a low equipment piece count, resulting in easier operation and lower investment.

Watch this webinar and learn how you can lower both your OPEX and CAPEX compared to the traditional technologies


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