HyOctane™ - Squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

Thanks to Topsoe’s new series of HyOctane™ catalysts, you can now squeeze more sulfur and greater margins out of your FCC gasoline post-treatment unit.

The optimized activity and selectivity of the HyOctane™ catalysts provide ultra-low levels of sulfur – while keeping octane numbers high.

Independent testing shows that HyOctane™ catalysts deliver higher hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity and lower octane losses than competitive catalysts on the market today. Also the new catalysts have already proven their performance in a number of industrial units.

You will find a HyOctane™ catalyst for your selective hydrogenation unit (SHU) reactor, your main bed HDS reactor and your final polishing reactor.


Introducing the TK-611 HyBRIM™ catalyst (in Cantonese)

Looking for a superior catalyst for high pressure ultra-low sulfur diesel or hydrocracking pretreatment service? With rising oil demands and...

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针对具体原料最优的保护剂方案可以防止压降升高,脱除更多的金属污染物,减少停工时间与换剂次数。 量身制定的托普索保护剂方案可将加氢效率最大化,脱除金属污染物和焦炭前驱体。从而使具有高活性的主剂寿命更长,减少停工换剂次数,提高生产周期。

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