Webinar: Grading as your weapon against pressure drop

The single most important factor for the profitability of a hydroprocessing unit is the length of time the hydrotreating catalyst is active and in operation. Pressure drops caused by particles in the feed or crust build-up in catalyst beds can put any refinery at risk of an unplanned shutdown. No matter how high a catalyst’s start-of-run activity is, if it deactivates more rapidly than expected, unit performance will suffer and profits will drop.

In this webinar, you will discover the typical reasons for pressure drop build-up and accelerated catalyst deactivation. You will learn how all oil fractions are unique, with their own profile of inorganic particulates and dissolved contaminants, and how these specifically affect the catalyst. However, most importantly, you will discover how grading solutions with different pore sizes, pore volumes, surface areas, activities, and affinity for specific poisons can ensure a long and stable unit performance.

Webinar: Using CO2 to boost methanol production

Recorded webinar from May 2016. Per Juhl Dahl goes through the benefits of using CO2 import to boost methanol production. Read more about Topsoe...

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Webinar: Ammonia plant revamp options for more efficient operations

In the coming years a number of new large scale fertilizer facilities will come onstream. These plants will feature the most energy efficient...

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Webinar: More value from alkylation using two innovative processes

CBI CDAlky with Topsoe WSA acid regeneration offers a high product quality at low investment. Sulfuric acid catalyzed alkylation is a widespread...

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