Webinar: How to convert mixed waste into a feedstock for steam crackers?

Even as pressure intensifies on the plastics industry to take action on recycling and renewable initiatives, global demand for plastics continues to increase, and brand owners are emphasizing their need to honor pledges concerning recycled content – all while legislative restrictions become more stringent.

In the search for a solution, the industry has shown significant interest in specific feedstocks like plastic pyrolysis oil, tapping into plastic waste as an abundant resource needing valorization. The naphtha derived from this waste, and its reprocessing into new plastic through steam cracking, allows for both full circularity and reduced carbon emissions compared to incineration – but involves several technical challenges.

We know how to tackle those challenges. Join our webinar, featuring several of Topsoe’s experts, to learn more about the smart approach to circular plastic, as well as market opportunities for players across the value chain.

We will be discussing:
• Plastic pyrolysis oils, and why they must be upgraded prior to naphtha crackers
• Hydroprocessing and boiling point reduction of streams originating from plastic waste
• Typical challenges experienced when upgrading plastic pyrolysis oils via catalytic solutions