Webinar: Safety first! The iron chromium free HTS catalyst of the future

For more than 100 years the formulation of high temperature shift (HTS) catalysts was basically unchanged and incorporated the use of iron and chromium. Both of these substances possess certain challenges when used in HTS services. Iron due to its limitation with regard to the minimum amount of steam required and chromium due to the formation of the carcinogenic hexavalent chromium which from an Environmental Health and Safety perspective should be of a major concern to operators. Today, there is an alternative to this old formulation and a HTS catalyst which can operate at virtually any steam carbon ratio and at the same time not containing any problematic compounds.

We’re now ready to discuss this unique new catalyst in our latest webinar, and hope you’ll join us.

Featuring some of our foremost catalyst experts, the webinar will cover:
• How hexavalent chromium is present in HTS operations
• How operational challenges can be overcome with optimal catalyst formulation
• How product output can increase by using optimized catalyst