Webinar: The role of the methanol-synthesis catalyst in the transition towards green methanol

Shipping and chemical industries are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental impact to comply with current and future decarbonization goals. Factoring in technology readiness and safety aspects associated with using methanol, the importance of methanol is increasing substantially. Taking projected methanol demand into account, it’s crucial for producers to optimize their plant productivity when using both conventional and renewable feedstocks – while staying competitive and profitable, as well.

To tackle this challenge, Topsoe has been working on developing high-quality syngas catalysts for use in methanol production. Extensive fundamental research provides insights into the actual working conditions of our methanol-synthesis catalyst at industrially relevant conditions, and this work resulted in new discoveries surrounding how different components, all located within the catalyst-formulation matrix, influence actual catalyst performance under industrial conditions.
We’re now ready to discuss these findings in our webinar, and hope you’ll join us.

Featuring some of our foremost methanol experts, the webinar will cover:
• How the methanol-synthesis catalyst impacts overall plant economics
• The role of the methanol-synthesis catalyst in the transition from conventional to green methanol
• How technical challenges can be overcome with the right combination of catalyst and technology